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VAT Rules for Print

Booklets and Brochures are also VAT exempt
Except for:
– Books of plans or drawings for industrial, architectural, engineering, commercial or similar purposes.
– Products that are essentially stationery items for example diaries and address books.


Zero VAT only applies to flyers that fall within the following criteria:

  • 300gsm paper stock or less
  • A4 size and under (Can be A2 but must be printed both sides and folded down to A4 or less)
  • Not Laminated or Encapsulated
  • Not Die Cut
  • Printing more than 50 Copies
  • Does not intend on being kept or used as a poster
  • Does not offer discount or free entry to somewhere or discount on products
  • Does not intend to be written on
  • Does not intend to be used for a specific purpose, like a calendar